Kenwood Montessori School


Kenwood Montessori’s mission is to provide a safe, developmentally supportive environment for young children.  We strive to support the optimal emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth of each child using the teachings of Maria Montessori and upholding the standards of the International Montessori Council.


We are dedicated to collaborating with parents in this effort and we work to understand the needs of each individual and provide support in the best way possible.  In order to demonstrate our strong commitment to bringing this support to our surrounding community, Kenwood Montessori provides English/Spanish program instruction.


Kenwood Montessori welcomes staff and children of all races, creeds and nationalities.


Kenwood Montessori School follows the guidelines set forth by the American Montessori Society and the International Montessori Council . Kenwood is a school member of the International Montessori Council and a founding school member of the Kentucky Montessori Alliance.






International Montessori Council video "What is Montessori"




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