Famous Montessori Students


Many well known celebrities, artists, authors and entrepreneurs accredit a Montessori education to their success.  For Montessori supporters around the world it is clear that Montessori offers an education for life and with it the skills to succeed in an ever changing global society.


Some well known Montessori Alumnis are:


Larry Page and Sergey Brin- Founders of Google

















Jeff Bezos- Founder of Amazon


Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Nobel Prize Winner for Literature


Prince William and Prince Harry


Taylor Swift- Musician


Beyonce Knowles- Musician


Helen Keller


Anne Frank


Will Wright- Creator of "The Sims" video game


Dakota Fanning- Actress


David Blaine- Magician


Julia Child- Author, Chef


Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis- Former First Lady


T. Berry Brazelton- Pediatrician and Author


Jimmy Wales- Founder of Wikipedia


Helen Hunt- Actress


Stephen Curry- NBA Player


















Famous Supporters of Montessori


Steve Wozniak- Co-Founder of Apple



















Alice Waters- Restauranteur, Author and trained Montessori teacher


Thomas Edison- Scientist, Inventor and Founder of Montessori School


Erik Erikson- Anthropologist, Author and trained Montessori teacher


Mr. Rodgers- Childrens Television Personality and supporter of Montessori education


Jean Piaget- Noted Psychologist and head of the Swiss Montesssori Society





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