Our Story

Kenwood Montessori School was founded in 1981, by Lori Fortney. A young mother interested in providing the Montessori method to her own children, and other children in the neighborhood. Through a grassroots movement, parent support and visionary leadership of director emeritus, Lenore Crenshaw, the Kenwood Community became a Montessori School. 

For 40 years, Kenwood has expanded, improved, and relocated to consistently provide the highest quality, Early Childhood Montessori education to the urban population of Louisville. With the overwhelming support of the board, and the active involvement, collaboration of administrative staff, parents, students and alumni, Kenwood now serves approximately 70 students, age 22-months to 6 years.

Under the current leadership collective and with the support of the board, the school is now an International Montessori Council member school, providing carefully prepared environments with authentic Montessori Materials. Every classroom at Kenwood has a Montessori certified lead teacher, a mixed age group, a 3-hour work cycle and a parent volunteer cooperative. 

Founded as a private, nondenominational, nonprofit organization licensed by the state as an Early Childhood Education facility with an educational purpose. Kenwood is governed by a board of directors. The school is open to all and welcomes families and children of every race, creed, and nationality. 

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