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Our children are watching and learning how to lead an antiracist life. Justice depends on those who hold power to take action against the systems of oppression upholding white supremacy in our society. Donate to the fund to the right for 100% to be disbursed to anti-racist organizations listed below. 





Funds distributed equally to:

National Black Food & Justice Alliance

The Loveland Foundation

Children of Promise, NYC

Brownsville Community Justice Center





National Black Food & Justice Alliance

"National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA) organizes for black food and land, by increasing the visibility of visionary Black leadership, advancing Black people’s struggle for just and sustainable communities, and building power in our food systems and land stewardship.


In working for food sovereignty, land, and economic self-determination we focus on resistance, healing, and transformation."


Learn more at https://www.blackfoodjustice.org/


The Loveland Foundation

"Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. Our resources and initiatives are collaborative and they prioritize opportunity, access, validation, and healing. We are becoming the ones we’ve been waiting for."


Learn more at https://thelovelandfoundation.org/




Examine the businesses, organizations, and individuals you support financially. Status quo has never worked for the black community and as consumers, we have great purchasing power that results in financial stability - awareness is the first step to truly analyze your actions. Before making a purchase, ask yourself:

  • Who owns this business? 

  • Is this a small business or corporation?

  • How does this business disrupt & dismantle white supremacy?

  • Am I mindfully pursuing this transaction? 

  • What black-owned business can I support instead? 

Booksellers | Household Cleaning Supplies | Streaming Service | Paper Products | Children's Clothes



Awareness of how you personally disrupt white supremacy is one of the very first steps to take. Here is a list of ways we have learned, unlearned, and grown our anti-racist consciousness. 


Readings. Required reading list here from Cafe Con LibrosIbram X Kendi's required reading list, and essays, articles such as this one from the National Museum of African American History & Culture, These 16 bridge-building tips from Be the Bridge

Participation in Webinars & Workshops. There are many opportunities to learn through online webinars, workshops, talks and open Q&A sessions - ensure you compensate the presenter for their time and labor. Here are a few that we suggest in the coming weeks/months:

New Pathways: How to be Actively Anti-Racist

Be the Bridge Webinars

Joining Patreon. There is a website called Patreon that allows you to join and receive content including workshops, special sessions, book lists, audio files and more with experts through a monthly subscription at various levels, these are some folx to follow on Patreon to get started: Britt HawthorneThe Great Unlearn with Rachel CargleThe Conscious KidTiffany Jewell



"Children become like the things they love" is a Dr. Montessori quote we refer very frequently. This is because it's one of the most truthful, simple yet profound statements. Children are absorbing our actions and more importantly inactions. To raise your children to be antiracist, you yourself must be antiracist. Children begin recognizing race and developing biases from the time they are born. Below is a list of antiracist resources as a starting point:


Children's Book List by Age from Jessica Grose at the NY Times

Children's books to support conversations about race, racism and resistance 


Dr. Kira Banks "Talking to Kids About Racism - Episode 1"

Anti-bias, Antiracist Parent Workshop with Britt Hawthorne Replay

Traci Baxley TED Talk: Social Justice Parenting

Online Courses/Workshops

Raising Antiracist Kids, Empowering the Next Generation of Changemakers (June 18; $25)

For Moms Who Want to be Allies with Traci Baxley (June 19; $47)

Raising Equity - Talking Race, Racism and Equity with Kids (ongoing; $89)

8-Week Social Justice Parenting Course with Traci Baxley (ongoing; $497)


Your Five-Year-Old is Already Racially Biased, Here's What You Can Do from Embrace Race

10 Tips for Teaching & Talking to Kids About Race from Embrace Race

Antiracist Parent During COVID-19 & Beyond from Yes! Magazine

How to Talk to Your Children About Protests & Racism from CNN/Dr. Kira Banks

Resources for Taking to Kids About Race, Racism and Racialize Violence with Kids from Center for Racial Justice in Education


Raising Equity (donate/support here)

Embrace Race (donate/support here)

Yes! Magazine (donate/support here)

Traci Baxley 

Center for Racial Justice in Education (donate/support here)




Follow and *compensate* the experts sharing resources. Prior to participating in dialogue or posing questions to experts, please first read these 16 bridge-building tips.

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