3-6 Program
Toddler Program

Kenwood welcomes people from all nations, and our school family includes native Spanish speakers, native French speakers, native Hungarian speakers, bi-lingual families, and sign language communication. We share our gifts with each other and embrace our differences as a chance to promote understanding and acceptance.  


In our half-day program children arrive at 8:30 AM and are dismissed at 12:00 PM.  


In our full-day program children may arrive as early as 7:30 AM and stay as late as 5:30 PM.  Children enrolled in the full-day program bring a lunch from home each day.


A healthy snack consisting of a whole grain and a fruit or vegetable is provided each day by the school.  The children participate in the preparation of their own snack.


Kenwood Montessori School- Programs



Our toddler classroom is designed for ages 22 months to 36 months.  The curriculum in this classroom focuses on the developmental areas of language, social interactions, gross and fine motor skills and independence.


In the toddler classroom each day consists of a morning work cycle, outdoor time and group time. During the morning work cycle children can choose from work in many areas of the classroom, including, practical life, sensorial, art, care of self, language and math.  Group time varies day to day and might include a sing-a-long while the teacher plays music and movement or stories and songs in English and/or Spanish. Outdoor time is spent on the playground,  playing and gardening, or on one of our walks through the neighborhood, where  we observe the flowers, trees, birds, pets and neighbors of our community.


The classrooms are staffed by a teacher with Montessori certification and an assistant teacher. This classroom has a maximum of 12 students with two teachers.  

Our Early Childhood classrooms accomodate up to 24 children with a lead teacher with Montessori certification and an assistant teacher with Montessori training.  


In the EC classroom, each day consists of a morning work cycle, a group meeting time and outdoor time.  Students work independently or within small groups in the classroom areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Culture (Geography, Zoology, Botany, World Culture) and Art.  Group time varies daily and may consist of stories, music and movement, music, sharing, cooking, storytime with the Library or special presentations from our community.  During outdoor time children play freely on our enclosed playground or they may choose to work in the garden area.


Children who are enrolled in the full day program bring a lunch from home.  Staff sit family style with the children during lunch, sharing about their day.  After lunch the children have a rest period, a quiet part of the day for rest and reflection.  When the children awake in the afternoon they may choose to work independently in the classroom or work on a variety of projects offered in the afternoon.  The full day children also have a second outdoor time.

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