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Kenwood Montessori
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Social Skills


Relationships are an important part of human growth. We help each child learn to identify and express needs and feelings; to respond sensitively to the needs of others; to respect differences in others; and to share a classroom with other children and adults.



Physical Abilities

Movement is a vital part of learning for children. Weather permitting we spend part of every day outside. The Montessori environment invites movement and is designed to enhance development of fine and gross motor skills. 



For children, art is process, not product oriented. Our art activities are open-ended and encourage each child to express his or her own images, ideas, and feelings.



Cognitive Skills


Montessori's carefully sequenced academic materials move from the simple to the complex, from the concrete to the abstract. Appropriate math, language, science and geography exercises allow our children to progress at their own pace, according to their interests and abilities.

Emotional Maturity


We believe that reflective listening helps affirm children's feelings. Children learn to cope with real feelings such as pride, joy, fear, frustration, happiness, anger, and sadness. 


Spanish Language Instruction


Research shows that early exposure to a foreign language makes acquisition easier. We strive to include Spanish language instruction daily through conversation, song, and Spanish language Montessori materials.

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